How old or new do you think this is?


Take a look at Do it.

Does this site seem very au courant, leading-edge, design-of-today-ish?

Or does it seem like a blast from the past?

I think they have had this up most of the decade, maybe debuting in 2001, if I had to guess. It reminds me of a different era. Usability was really hot and lucrative back then. If you were involved with it, you had the pleasure of believing that the future belonged to you and your ilk. Now, 9/11 put paid to such indulgences, but i find it interesting that this design holds up (to me, at least).

I really like it: very simple, rather friendly, sophisto but low-key. I can imagine thin, smart-looking designers in horn-rimmed glasses who like Bjork drinking tea and coding this.

Why do we like what we like? Why do I want to poke around this site, even though, years after I last saw it, they still aren’t hiring anyone?


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