What aesethetic is this, exactly? the answer is ZOLO

Around 1989 a west coast character named Terry Sharkie came up with the idea of zolo:

“Surreal tales of frolic and whimsy script the bright beyond mortal assimilation of the boingy guitars, wobbly keyboards, polka dot percussions, hiccupping falsettos, jerky / staccato beats, and lopsided rhythms.

Zolo music, an aural expression of the abstract, asymmetric, multi-coloured imagery with which it accompanies, has existed in scattered forms for many years prior to it being codified in name”

Spilt Enz

Spilt Enz

I find the idea of inventing a genre by describing idioms from the past with your label of choice to be bold and interesting and creative. They didn’t call it zolo at the time: it took someone later to find the right descriptor…

Oblong Boys

Oblong Boys


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