a “beautiful seam” at the Doge’s palace in Venice

This is a pretty interesting idea: while construction is still in the process of completion, put up a building-size placeholder banner “beautiful seam” that hides the ugly work-in-progress, and shows passers-by what the finished version will look like. Look carefully if you don’t see it.


I lived in Italy quite some time ago and did have the sense that about one third of all the historical buildings I wanted to look at were in a phase of interminable repair. This is a design solution that shows me adults are on the job. A bottom-line bean-counter might try to veto it on the grounds that it isn’t strictly necessary. But this solution is what user-centered design is all about: make the best of a bad situation and users will often be very forgiving. In this case the workaround is not only adequate, it is inspiring. Verily, it is the opposite of a kluge!

Hat tip:  http://liftlab.com/think/fabien/2006/12/page/2/


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